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A community by founders, for founders.

Our application process has two steps:

Submit this 2-minute survey (powered by Savvi)

Initial the community guidelines sent via email

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We'll send you an email on the status of your application once both steps are complete.

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the story behind FounderPod?  

FounderPod is a non-profit organization started in 2018 by Matt Roberts, Jeff Whitlock, and Brad Henderson. The goal of our group is to provide a support network to help fellow founders truly succeed. We are currently a 200+ member community and are continuing to grow. 


Who is admitted into FounderPod? 

To be accepted into FounderPod, you must be a founder currently working on your startup. Within FounderPod, we have various Slack communities and channels that each have their own requirements to join (i.e., a slack space exclusively for full-time founders and channels for specific industries/regions).


Does it cost money? 

No, it is 100% free to apply and join. 


Why is the FounderPod application done through Savvi? 

Our goal is to create a community where Founders can be vulnerable and share their authentic experience starting a company. To cultivate this kind of safe environment, we feel that two things are important: 

  1. All of our members are verified founders. There are no investors, VCs, or even employees you need to impress here. You can talk openly about your experiences as a founder- the good and the bad. 

  2. Adherence to our community guidelines. Be kind and supportive when interacting with others. 

Savvi's platform verifies founders and generates a copy of the community guidelines for applicants to initial. 


What is the information in the application survey used for?

  • It is used to verify your status as a founder. 

  • It tells us which Slack community / Slack channels we should invite you to join.  

  • It helps us plan relevant educational content based on your company stage and focus.

Still have questions? 

 Feel free to email We typically respond within 1 business day.