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What is FounderPod?

A Community By Founders For Founders

Building a company is a one-of-a-kind experience; It can somehow be both exhilarating and soul-crushing all at the same time. FounderPod is a supportive community of founders bent on making the journey between the highs and lows of entrepreneurship more successful and less lonely.

Who can Join?

Founders who are currently building their company

Our Values


Everyone is better off when we share freely. FounderPod is a community with a “Give First” mentality


We’re real. No need to airbrush reality to look better. FounderPod is a safe place for founders to be themselves, share their struggles, and offer support.


 Success knows no boundaries. Failures are expected, not frowned upon. 
Push yourself and your peers to set and reach difficult goals and milestones.


Use your voice to share founder-specific challenges & improve economic conditions for founders of all stages.

Our Mission

The goal of our group is to help fellow founders succeed by providing an empowering support network. We achieve this through authentic Slack discussions, founders-only meetups, educational events, and leveraging our group to access special deals on helpful tools and services.



Hear from prominent CEOs in the community and connect with local founders, investors, and sponsors at our exclusive founders-only events.

Slack Group

Ask questions, share resources, and set up in-person lunches with hundreds of other like-minded, high caliber founders.

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